PluggedSolar – It Is a SCAM?

Many firms in the US came up with a “Plug and Play” concept to reduce the price of installing solar panels. For example; Plug and Play solar, Clarion Power, Ready Solar etc. Many of them failed due to shortage of development. Others are still stuck at a stage where they spend millions in R&D to come up with a solution that may be secure plus follow all the laws plus rules in US. PluggedSolar is within the same line with a simple difference that the organization came up with an idea of taking advantage of the situation plus established their product on their leading sites at a extremely competitive price.

The PluggedSolar, 1.7KW Solar Grid Tie System avoids the expense plus hassle of typical solar energy system installation. That typical system of the same power bills over 3 instances. It enables you to put the racking in few minutes plus simply plug solar vitality to an electrical outlet.

Don’t Fall for a Solar Paneling Scam this Summer
Do you feel like a Popsicle melting in this summer heat? If you’re looking to stick to a budget when trying to “coolify” your home and are considering turning to green solar energy as a solution, there are some things you should consider when making the switch. Solar energy scams are no exception when it comes to the typical contracting scam. Fraudulent contractors prey on those who are unfamiliar with their product. Make sure you know how solar energy works and how the benefits will affect you before investing the $5,000 to $60,000 chunk of change on any solar energy products. You might even qualify for the state and federal rebates that offer a reduction in the initial costs. […]

English: Solar panel installation at an inform...

English: Solar panel installation at an information center adjacent to Ögii Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should you have noticed the animation movie plus as well as the information provided on their site, not provides a obvious picture if the product is UL approved or the development employed. But, the doubt remains regarding the safety plus viability of the system that should be plugged in a home. According for them, it’s a easy electrical system where solar AC power gets converted from DC plus then plugged on the the electrical outlet. This really is not safe plus as well as its risky for the surrounding residents. So, it can not be approved in this shape. What this signifies is there is a probability that house owner won’t get any credit for solar energy developed by the PluggedSolar system.

It is therefore obvious that the primary reason why this solar system is cheap is because many of its components are from Chinese firms. Before purchasing products from the web, consider the earlier buyer review to avoid having an wrong product. Doing this will assist you find the genuine information we will need concerning the product rather of simply believing the sales language of what the organization uses on the advertising launch.

This organization uses eBay plus Amazon to marketthis product. The Amazon posts are manipulated in a way that customer may be convinced to purchase the product based on good positive reports that are not meant for this product. Apparently the organization is working with a small retail organization that sells cheap products on Amazon plus earned themselves certain good reports. Plugged solar has replaced the products photos to misguide new shoppers as if the reports were created for this new product. All Amazon shoppers beware this manipulation plus illegal practices.

Kindly feel free to provide a feedback on the product plus let me understand if this information is helpful. Let you create a one country to educate solar community against a few of these types offirms in US who practice un-ethical plus unfair ways to do their business. Get the best from this solar plus avoid all the hassle whenever in comes to power provision at any time.


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